Our Team

Our Team

Our Differences Are Our Strengths

The diverse international team members at RTG Investment offer your project the wisdom, innovation, and global perspective that can only be found when people from different cultures and nations collaborate together. From supply networks and cost advantages to creativity and modernization, to community relations and beyond, our people approach your project in a way that is fundamentally fresh and informed by a wider range of ideas, methods, strategies, and solutions.

US-Based. Internationally Known.

Headquartered in Glendale, CA, RTG Investment is an independent company composed of global experts from a variety of industries including architecture, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, maintenance, and property management. In addition, we maintain strategic relationships with a select group of global companies, who share our passion for social responsibility, sustainability, and innovation.

RTG Investment Partners

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ELITE earthworks and engineering
Hunsaker and Associates, Irvine Inc.
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Ron Barto Ground Water Consultant
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